News Of The World Review, Watch It For Tom Hanks!

Tom Hanks is back yet again with another magical performance but this time on the OTT giant Netflix. With his recent release News Of The World let's dwell deeper as to what worked and didn't work for the movie. And if it's worth your precious Valentine week's time!

The Good

Unarguably Tom Hanks as captain Jefferson Kyle kidd is the major attraction in this movie. Set up in the backdrop of the late 19th century Tom as this concerned and veteran newsreader is utterly convincing in his portrayal. From his body language to his speech pattern you can almost sense the hard work the veteran puts in each and every one of his performances. An absolute treat! The screenplay being sharp and detailed is another plus point for this Western classic.

The Bad

The movie may come as a bit of a slow burn at times but I think that was very much intentional, it being based on a 2016 novel by the same name. Also it's a one man show, and not that I'm complaining but if you want to watch it, watch it for Tom Hanks and his magic on screen or don't watch it at all. That's the deal.

All in all News Of The World is a film with tenderness at its core, with Tom Hanks pulling off an emotional old-fashioned Western in an extremely convincing fashion. And yes it might be slow at times but didn't good things always take time!? If the answer is yes, definitely a go ahead for this movie.

You can watch it on Netflix

IMDB 6.8