Is NIOD CAIS 2 worth the spurlge?

#luxuryskincare is something that I thoroughly research about before investing. When @deciem launched the NIOD range, the skincare enthusiast in me was all ears. I had purchased this NIOD Copper Amino Isolate Serum version 2 (CAIS2) a while back and must admit that I waited to finish off the formulation before reviewing it coz I wanted to be really sure about my thoughts about it.


Contains 2% Copper peptide; is a repair and maintenance of collagen targetted serum.

Is water based with a super lightweight texture that literally feels like nothing on the skin. Its only after application that one immediately finds the skin feeling softer.

Also contains Hyaluronic Acid and so it's also hydrating.

It has the typical dark blue color of Copper peptide. Remember that this NIOD formulation oxidizes pretty quickly and so if it turns grey, the brand advises you to dispose it off.

Since this is a potent anti aging formulation, I use only a single moisturizer and facial oil in the same routine.

Suppleness in the skin is observed within the first 2 weeks.

With consistent use, I did find the texture of my skin improving and the skin felt smoother.

The formulation also aims at addressing enlarged pores but with one bottle I couldnt find a noticeable difference.

I took a chance and used it on my under eye area, and must say that the few superficial fine lines that I had, seem to have lightened considerably. No difference in dark circles though.

I purchased it from Bahrain for around BD 38 that roughly translates to INR 8000 making it a pretty expensive formulation. I would suggest you to invest in the same only if you know that you would be consistent in using it before it oxidizes.


Final Thoughts: A serum that I definitely will be repurchasing coz it's an anti aging powerhouse. But remember that as with any other topical application, do have a realistic expectation.