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No Sudden Move Review: A suspenseful thrill ride, one the finest films of the year!

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The master of heist and suspense films, Steven Soderbergh make his presence felt this lockdown season with the hard-hitting 'No Sudden Move' which makes maximum use of its star-studded cast.


Benicio Del Toro and Don Cheadle lead the pack as two down-on-their luck gangsters looking to make a final score before they are forced to leave town after alienating their respective mafia bosses.


A mysterious stranger and an even more mysterious benefactor approach them with a seemingly simple assignment-to hold a timid accountant's family hostage as they use him to steal some documents.


Based on incredibly true events on how Ford and GM conspired to keep pollution controls out of the automobile industry in the 60s and 70s, No Sudden Move keeps you guessing with top-draw acting, knife-edge confrontations and twists and turns at every juncture.


Don Cheadle is in fine form as the smooth talking 'Goynes' while Benicio Del Toro is an absolute delight as the brooding, sulking 'Russo'. Jon Hamm, David Harbour, Julia Fox and Brendan Fraser are all impactful despite supporting roles with limited screen time and that in itself shows how superior the screen writing is.


1960s Detroit is recreated in all its glory, with Soderbergh clearly sparing no expense to paint his canvas with as much authenticity and nostalgia as possible. Oh, and watch out for a delightful surprise cameo from a Hollywood superstar.


One of the finest films of the year so far. Highly recommended!


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