Not BTS but Bang Si Hyuk is leading the global music industry

HYBE joining hands with Universal Music Group and Scooter Braun's Ithaca holdings were one of the most pre-eminent accretions that happened till date. Following thIs acrretive acquisitions, on 27th April Billboard announced on it's official website of the U.S, a list of 'Billboard International Power Players for 2021'. And anyone would've denied if the list would've failed to mention the name of the mastermind behind the global phenomenon, BTS. Chairman Bang Si Hyuk and Global CEO Yoon Seok-Joon were naned in the Billboard's list. It is a list of all the music industry leaders who are leading the global music industry from outside the States. According to a source, it may tbe the first time for Yoon Seok-Joon but it was the third mark for our Bang PD. Back in 2018 and in 2019 as well, Bang Si Hyuk was selected for the list. The small steps which HYBE (former BigHit) is taking will definitely count for a bigger picture.