Now posters are being copied from within the industry

Plagiarism of posters is not a new phenomenon in Bollywood. But copy-pasting posters from within the industry! Now that's something unique. Recently the teaser and a poster of Ekta Kapoor's same-sex web series 'His Story' was launched. Within no time, Jaha Bakshi, art director and film marketing strategist, called out the makers for copying the poster. It seems that the poster of Kapoor's web series looks exactly like the poster of the 2015 independent film 'Loev.' Both the film and the show revolve around homosexuality.

Bakshi took to Twitter and wrote, "Bro @altbalaji are you okay? I mean if you need someone to design posters, I can help you, I promise it doesn't cost that much." The director of Loev Sudhanshu Saria also expressed his disappointment on this issue. Such incidents only showcase the creative bankruptcy in the industry. Despite having such a massive talent pool that consists of people who can come up with fresh and original content (be it story, music, or posters), why makers resort to simply copy-pasting from an already existing material.