NU'EST announces the release of their last album to celebrate their 10th anniversary before bidding farewell

As previously revealed, NU'EST will disband on March 15 which also marks the group's 10th anniversary. PLEDIS Entertainment has officially announced that NU'EST will be releasing their last ever group album to mark their 10th anniversary as well as to bid their farewell to the fans. the special album, 'NU'EST The Best Album - Needle & Bubble' will be a ride down the memory lane to their 10 years long musical career and will feature various popular tracks of the group, it is also being expected that it will hold a meaningful message for the group's official fan club,  L.O.Λ.E. 

Meanwhile, NU'EST's agency announced their disbandment after the three members including JR, Aron, and Ren had decided to part ways from their present agency after which the members also shared handwritten letters with fans to express their gratitude and love. Many fans are blaming HYBE because since they have merged with NU'EST's agency, the group stopped having group activities. Do you also think the merger between HYBE and PLEDIS is the reason behind this disbandment?