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Nurses - You are Angels and we Humans don't Deserve You!

You were holding me on the Day I was born, You fed me when I was starving, You carried me and took me places my legs couldn't. You held me tight when I couldn't stand the reality of what was happening. You comforted me when the pain was unbearable. You lifted my spirits up when clearly the stats did not. You dressed me when lifting a finger myself was impossible. And in the End, You will be the who cleans & wraps me in Satin. Thinking through, You are a true representation of who God is and what it means to be a true human. Thank you for putting up with our tantrums, disbelief & anger. You deserve much more from the world & I wish you knew this too!! Happy International Nurses Day to all who've sacrificed yourselves for the good of others! Much Love <3


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