Nykaa’s Clean and Touch 2 in 1 Face Massager and Brush – My Honest Review #BeautyTruthBomb

Every day you wash your face with your hands to remove dust, dirt, oil and build up makeup after a long, hard day but instead of that, you get to experience a spa-level cleanse? Then what are you waiting for? Purchase this 2 in 1 face massager and brush by Nykaa. I have been using this tool for the last 2 months and got amazing results. With every face wash, my skin feels so refreshed, exfoliated, and deep cleanse which also increases blood circulation. It not only leaves my face just dirt less but also radiant and rejuvenated. 


The spa cleanser tool is designed with food-grade silicon that is very gentle on the skin. The silicone bristles are designed to address your cheeks, jaws, T – zone, and more. It helps in relaxing our face muscles by increasing blood circulation. The spa cleanser by Nykaa is very easy to use. Remove your makeup, then wet your face and apply a cleansing product on the face. Next, dampen the brush side and then turn the device on. Slowly start massaging on your cheek and chin in a circular motion and work your way on the other side and on your forehead too.


 I was skeptical about using a facial massager and a brush, thinking that it might be harsh on my skin. I use this day twice a day and loved its results. But the mild pulsating massager with a soft silicon bristle was not only gentle on my skin, but it also made it radiant and after the very first use! Post cleansing, I apply a serum which I can feel it seeping into my skin better. I highly recommend this product to everyone.