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Review of NYKAA SKIN SECRETS The face Sheet Masks

Looking for a affordable skin treatments at Home u can try these Sheet masks. Here are my own  opinion about these sheet masksQ

If you haven't tried yet do give a try you will definitely love the sheet masks & your skin after adding it to your routine..... 

Belive it or not, Sheet masks are typically used twice a day in Korea yes, you read it right...!So lets check how these sheet mask really works &does wonders to your Skin

These Sheet masks do a great job at healing your surface skin. The ingredients infused in the fabric face shaped mask are transferred & Penetrated into the Epidermis. 

This really makes your skin Soft, Smooth, Rejuvenated and keeps you hydrated. 

Great to use at night as the nutrients/ Essence in it really sink in while you are sleeping or during the morning before applying makeup. 

With just 20 mins of application you can see the visible difference. 

They are inexpensive very affordable. 


Do's - 

The left over essence from the sheet mask cover can be applied on your neck, hands elbows or wherever your skin needs moisture. 

Don't -

Application should not exceed beyond more than 30 mins until they dry this will reabsorb the moisture from the skin. 

Do not wash away after removing the sheet mask just give a gentle massage which will help in blood circulation of your skin. 

 What I have presented above is my personal & honest reviews about the product. Every ones Skin is unique so what works for me may or may not work for you and vice versa. So do read the instructions. 


Availability on @mynykaa@letspurplle



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