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Oh So Virat Kohli's Done A Hair Transplant Too? Is That Why He Avoided Getting Papped?

Virat Kohli & Anushka Sharma got papped for the first time ever since they became proud parents to a baby girl. A lot has changed for Virat Kohli ever since the start of this year. His twitter bio changed, his team won their biggest ever series without needing his services, & of course he also became a parent. But there's one other change we noticed in Virat right after he allowed photographers to click him. A change in his hairline! Yes, Virat had been experiencing a receding hairline and like every other celeb in the business, he probably decided to go incognito to get his hair transplant procedure done.

The army cut hairstyle is very popular amongst celebs to adapt while they undergo a hair transplant procedure. The sides and back of the head called a donor area is shaved completely from where the hair is extracted and planted at the front. Now guess what, we might find Virat happily posing for pictures now.


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