Is oily skin good? Here are 7 benefits of having an oily skin

There have been times when we have heard our pals complaining about their skin, especially if they have oily skin. For ages, people have believed oily skin is bad and people should do home remedies to make sure they improve their skin type. For the people who are not sure what oily skin is let me tell you. The meaning of oily skin is already there in its name. When your skin has an excess of oil which later shows as shiny or greasy in appearance is known as oily skin. You may wonder if it's good to have oily skin. Well, according to several dermatologists, it's not a bad thing to have oily skin. Surprisingly, there are so many benefits to having oily skin. Listed below are 7 benefits of having oily skin:

  1. Keeps the skin smooth and thick - Agreed, oily skin appears to be more greasy and shinny but if you keep that aside, oily skin makes sure your skin is smooth and thick. People who have oily skin have an overproducing sebaceous gland. This helps the inner skin layer remain thick which prevents any lines to be formed on her face, especially the forehead.  
  2.  Protection from sun rays - Vitamin E is contained in most cosmetic products and has been used in dermatology for over 50 years today. With the help of vitamin E, you can protect your skin from the sun's rays. For oil skin types, vitamin E is already present in the skin which automatically acts as a sunscreen for the skin. 
  3. Reduces the risk of wrinkles - Wrinkles are known as a sign of aging. Today, so many youngsters are also seen with wrinkles but do not only mean because they're growing. A sign of wrinkles at an early age can also mean your skin type is dry. Having oily skin means the risk of wrinkles reduces. As oily skin has sebaceous glands, it prevents wrinkles. I don't think anyone of us is fans of looking old at a young age. 
  4.  Requires less Skin care - Skin care is an essential aspect of our life. Skin care helps us keep our skin in the pact and healthy. Having oily skin does not require you to have a detailed skin-care routine, unlike dry skin. This does not mean skin care is not at all required. In comparison with dry skin, oily skin does not require many products in their skincare routine 
  5. Start aging slower - Somewhere or the other we all don't want to grow old. Who doesn't enjoy being young right? With the help of oily skin, you start aging slower. This happens because the skin protects you from harmful UV rays, helps prevent wrinkles and your skin does not require chemical products to make your face shine. 
  6. Keeps your skin hydrated - Oily skin can at times look "gross" for some people but the fact they don't realize is, that the sweat on oily skin gets helps the skin stay hydrated. The process of sweat evaporating from your skin is majorly important for thermoregulation. 
  7. Helps balance the skin - It is believed that oily skin types help balance the pH. As the oily is naturally produced, it protects you from bacteria and infections.