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Okay, So Deepika Padukone Just Launched Her Own Website, Again!

She did this earlier where she launched her website on her 33rd birthday. She wrote: "Here's presenting my website- www.deepikapadukone.com - Love, Deepika." Deepika shared a grey scale photograph of herself on social media along with a QR code placed on the bottom of the image. A day before launching her website, Deepika shared a hand-written note on her Instagram story and wrote: "Something super exciting coming up soon. Can't wait to share this with you all! Love, Deepika."

Everybody knows that she deleted all her Instagram posts for reasons best known to her. But there were many speculations where people said it is all a PR strategy where she is trying to take the focus from all her NCB case story. She is clearly trying to create her own new brand identity after all the controversies she went through last year. Is it working that's for you to decide?!


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