The oleum cottage eye elixir

I was very much intrigued to try an eye elixir. Generally we all use eye creams but this was first time I got hooked to an eye oil. Ft.@oleumcottage Intensive Under Eye Repair Elixir This comes in dropper bottle so only one drop is sufficient for both the eyes but I still take 2 drops for a better masaage around eye area till brow bone. Using it for a month now ,this eye elixir has made it to my favourites list. WHY ? GET TO KNOW This has goodness of cold pressed oils with some essential oils. Tamanu oil is rich in fatty acids ,oleic acid ,linoleic acid which helps in promoting collagen. It has healing properties and keeps delicate eyes skin moisturized for hours Sea buckthorn oil lubricates the soft skin of eyes making it elastic and smooth over time. The hydrolipid balance gets restored and it fights different signs of finelines and wrinkles. Vitamin E is used as a natural antioxidant. Cold pressed oil of sweet almond ,rice bran ,EO of german chamomile, eucalyptus, rosewood ,myrrh, lemon, lavender. All these make it more potent and beautiful. My dark circles are hereditary so I didn't expected it to brighten up or fade away dark circles. Hereditary dark circles can't be cured. But this elixir helped immensely with finelines ,ageing ,wrinkles and elasticity of eye area. This cutest bottle I guess will last me more than 6 months and its just 15ml. I'm so happy that the quantity is not much as natural products do get bad overtime and I'll be able to finish it with consistent usage. It sinks into the skin after a good massage and does not leave any oil residue. My lids are super oily but using this I don't see my lids showing oil secretion. On other hand I love to use it as nail oil too and it has healed my nail beds to quite a good extent. Have you ever tried an eye elixir? Do comment follow me on instagram @theduskybeautyblog