Om Puri Arnab Goswami And 'The Infamous Interview'

Arnab Goswami and his unending hunger for the TRP's, something that the entire nation is witnessing with his new venture Republic news, goes way back since his run as the senior editor of The prime time show at the Times Now network. In one such episode which can only be described as one of the ugliest showcases of anchors shaming their guests on live TV just for the sole purpose of TRP, Late Shri Om Puri Sahab went to the prime time show to answer the allegations made against him regarding his take on the Indo Pak relations.

Om Puri who not only was a powerhouse performer at the time but also India's first true blue crossover artist, someone who indeed was a much loved actor among the audiences and within the industry alike. However the interview in which he spoke of the rights of Pakistani actors in India and about the army, he said, "Who had asked the soldiers to join the army? Who told them to pick the weapons?", it didn't go well with the hyper nationalists at that time and Arnab being the opportunitist that he is, left no stones unturned in shaming Om Puri on live TV.

The veteran actor soon realised his mistake and even apologised for his choice of words but the TRP hungry Arnab just would not leave the man at peace. And according to some of his closest relatives and friends it was this media trial of Om Sahab that eventually led to the untimely demise of the veteran actor.

In a later interview, one of his closest friends Naseeruddin Shah said that he can never forget the media for their treatment of Om in his last days. And rightfully so that should be.