One Day Thai movie Review.

One Day is a 2016 Thai Romance Drama directed by It follows Denchai who risks everything to spend a day with his crush by posing as her boyfriend when she suffers from a rare form of temporary amnesia that lasts for only one day. 


The majority of the film takes place in Japan over the course of a single day. Its stunning cinematography has perfectly captured the movie, with fantastic frames and a brilliant colour tone that was ideal for such a subject. Some of the scenes were very touching. It's made much more gorgeous by the calm soundtrack and brilliant editing. 


The main actors' performances are excellent in both emotional and comedy scenes. The pacing is excellent, and there are numerous humorous sequences. The narration of the main character was also wonderful; I'm not sure why, but I always enjoy movies with someone narating the plot. 


The film has received many positive reviews from around the world and has a high IMDb score (7.8), but even though I enjoyed it, I found some flaws in it.

The writer included a tiny fantasy element in the storyline, but it didn't seem necessary for the plot's growth; yet, some individuals may enjoy it, and some of the characters' decisions were questionable. The plot is told from the perspective of the hero, which may explain why I felt the film romanticised stalking and identity theft in some points. 


I'm not sure if it's a negative or not; I saw it yesterday but still can't manage to get over the ending; I felt they could've written it in a happier tone; I mean, there were possibilities to do so. 


I know that, unlike my other reviews, this one has more negatives, but that doesn't mean it isn't worth watching, majority of people don't find those negatives while watching it. Overall One Day is a charming film for fans of romantic tearjerkers. Available on Netflix.