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One Piece Fan theories we wish were true!

These are some of the most popular One Piece fan theories that we hope will be proven true one day.

1. Shanks Is the Father of Makino’s Baby

On the cover story of chapter 614, Makino, a close friend of Monkey D. Luffy is seen holding a child while smiling at the news of Luffy’s return. In SBS volume 63, Oda confirms that the child is Makino’s. Many fans believe that the father is none other than Shanks. Also, the fact that Shanks used to visit the East Blue during the two-year time skip.

2. Blackbeard Is Three People in One Body

One popular fan theory points out that Blackbeard pulled off two different devil fruit power because he has a condition known as "fetus in fetu", that is, he has two siblings inside him. During the Marineford arc, Marco also mentions that Blackbeard's body is unique. Also, his Jolly Roger has three skulls. All this points to Blackbeard being a three-person in a single body.

3. Joyboy was the ruler of The Ancient Kingdom

During the Fishman Island Arc, Robin finds a Poneglyph inscribed with an apology from someone named Joyboy to a mermaid. A theory soon emerged that Joyboy was the ruler of the Ancient Kingdom. Evidence supporting this theory is based on how Joyboy shares several similarities to a Japanese king named Jayabaya.

4. Shimotsuki Zoro

Roronoa Zoro is speculated to be a member of the Shimotsuki Clan of Wano. We don’t know who his father is or what connection he bears to Yasu but we'll likely find out soon enough.

5. Trafalgar Law's Death

At Wano, many fans believe that Trafalgar Law will end up using the Immortality surgery on someone. Law's death has been foreshadowed many times throughout, and although he's a fan-favorite, having a main character's die adds to a good twist.


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