One product that is just so over-hyped! #BeautyTruthBomb

Is Ultra Light Indian Sunscreen by Mamaearth worth a try?


I’m religious about sunscreen and reapplication. I have sensitive skin so I was skeptical about trying out a new product but I didn’t react badly to this sunscreen. It’s a slightly thick lotion but spreads easily and is non-sticky, so a little goes a long way.

My issue is that it contains essential oils which can make the skin sensitive, and fragrance (which is pleasant and eventually fades away). It’s 2020, can we please stop putting fragrances in products that need to be applied to the face? It also made my face very shiny. A colleague commented that it looked like I had a highlighter all over my face.

I’m a face sweater and at the hint of facial sweat, I had white streaks on my forehead.

Plus point for this product would be the price point. I’d say it’s suited for someone with dry skin and living in cooler weather conditions.