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One Rivalry That Will Never Get Resolved In Bollywood

The famous fights between the Khans,Shahrukh, Salman and Aamir. Rivalry against the leading actresses in Bollywood like with Aishwarya- Rani, Preity - Rani, Priyanka - Kareena or giving cold shoulder to each other in public because of some breakups or cheating stories like the one with Katrina -Deepika. There was a time when these celebs held the longest grudge against each other for various reasons, but are finally in good terms now. But then there this one fight in Bollywood that will never get resolved.

The infamous Salman Khan-Vivek Oberoi controversy. The Salman Khan-Vivek Oberoi clash, which took place back in 2003, is one of the most controversial episodes in the history of Bollywood. Everybody knows Vivek called in a press conference where he said that Salman had called him while drunk and accused him of having relations with various actresses. Vivek revealed that as soon as he faced the media persons for the conference, he realised that he had made a mistake. He realised that he should have handled things differently and taken care of the matter ‘man-to-man.’ Even after multiple efforts from Vivek’s side, Salman and Vivek are still not on talking terms.

Do you think Salman will ever forgive Vivek?


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