ONF are revealing their sci-fi city

ONF is an abbreviation for ‘on and off’ and the band’s agency WM entertainment released the schedule teaser image for their first regular album ‘ONF:MY NAME’. In the image, there’s a flow chart similar to a movie poster depicting the six members of the band along with the comeback schedule written as if they are some sort of missions. The six characters seem like agents who have been assigned these missions, are parted in two teams, the ‘ON Team’ and the ‘OFF Team’ with their respective leaders. In their last 5th mini album ‘SPIN OFF’ , the boys went on another time travel in the parallel universe, will now reveal a fictional city as the trailer for their first regular album gave a view of a sci-fi city from future. Fans are speculating as to what will be the chronicle behind this city! Well, we will eventually find it out on February 24.