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...only if I had a DEATHNOTE

In the world of anime, Death Note (2006) is simply an intellectual spa. A psychological thriller with the most captivating storyline. The mystery was maintained throughout the series. A saga of a vigilante, a moral conundrum & a Shinigami. That’s right. Along with the tight & crispy plot, the creator Tsugumi Ohba added a Japanese, rich cultural flavour. The anime was so intense that it was banned in several countries. In China, even its merchandise was banned as kids wrote their teachers’ name as a joke in the death note. The dramatic effects & cinematic shots were breathtaking. Some notable moments:- All the rules mentioned in the Death Note. Ryuk eating apples. The chase between Light & L. The journey of a teen genius to a criminal drunk on power. When L died my eyes were Watari. With his subsequent efforts to change the world of crime into a utopian world, god-like vigilante Light Yagami becomes ‘Kira’ (the killer). The concept of pure black & pure white was engraved so deeply in his mind that he became a dark grey character. Is there anything ‘entirely good’ or ‘entirely bad’ in the world we live in? What could be the alternate ending to the manga show?

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