Oops!! It seems Badshah deserve a new name "Farzi Rapper".

The Mumbai police crime branch has filed a 446-page charge sheet against Bollywood rapper Badshah. It is reported that the rapper had paid Rs.74 lakhs to buy 72 lakh views for his music video.

Last year, in the month of July, after Mumbai police unearthed the fake-followers scam. In August, rapper Badshah confessed to the police that he had paid Rs.75 lakh in a bid to break a viewership record.

The singer had confessed that he had purchased around views for Rs.75 lakh, in order to set a world record for most YouTube views in the first 24 hours. The singer had claimed that the music video for ‘Pagal Hai’ had been watched 75 million times on the first day of its release, beating other previous records.

The statement of the techie, who assisted the celebrity in inflating views on social media sites, is also included in the charge sheet. He is reported to have stated that nothing he did was illegal. He, in turn, questioned why no action is being taken against the celebrities who paid for the scam.

It seems Badshah don't have confidence on his skills and doubt his talent of singing. By this scam of purchasing views for his album, he actually gave us proof that he himself know he not having any talent and is useless for the industry. Whatever success he is having is actually fake and shopped. I feel pity on people who support such shameless creatures.

This purchasing and selling of views and followers is absolutely wrong and is actually injustice for deserving talents.

What is your opinion on this? Do you still support the 'Farzi rapper' of Bollywood?