Opinion: Ageism is one of the major issues that are still prevalent in the Kpop industry, especially for female idols

I recently read an interview of BLACKSWAN's Youngheun who spoke on ageism, she said "When you're in your 20s, you get negative comments about being too old for a girl group. BLACKSWAN is a team of mostly mid-20s except for Leia. I want to be successful, so the industry doesn't force people to give up their dreams due to age."

Ageism is one of the major issues that K-pop idols/industry is facing these days. Due to the high standards of beauty and demand of babyfaces, an idol starts to worry about their looks before they even turn 25. What are the reasons behind this weird obsession with age? Is it that in the late 20s and after that, you are considered undesirable or because these standards are set by Gen Z since the youth drives social media?

Along with that, these terms and conditions become way harsher for female idols, the pressure of looking half their age and being bashed a natural process much like BoA who was, apparently, mocked for being in SM's new group GOT due to her age. Do you think this ageism will ever end or is it too embedded in the minds of the K-pop viewers?