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Opinion: I believe, the hate that Karan Johar receives is completely illogical and that it's purely business.

Karan Johar serves what people love to watch or follow the most. The picture, which has been painted about him, is mostly based on someone's personal views about him. He might be helping his friends but don't we all do that? Also, he isn't forcing us to watch any of it. If the public was concerned about favouritism in the industry, it would have pointed it way before this whole nepotism debate took place. Many starkids were launched before this whole chaos broke out. Why was the audience munching popcorn then? Yes, the number of insiders is large in Bollywood but bullying someone everyday, calling him names, blaming him for someone's murder and diverting public hatred towards him is wrong on so many levels. Don't you think we should appreciate him for the good things that happened in the industry because of him. He has tried to entertain and provide the audience what they have asked for. Let's not be too brutal towards a fellow human.

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