Opinion: Priyanka Chopra was not the right cast for Mary Kom’s biopic

Priyanka Chopra might have won accolades for her performance in Mary Kom but she was not the right cast. Mary Kom is from North East and we expected a North Eastern actor to play the lead.

Actress Lin Laishram who played the supporting role in Mary Kon also mentioned that it was heartbreaking for someone not from the northeast to be cast as the lead in Mary Kom’s biopic.

The casting of Bollywood is so stereotyped that actors from the northeast are given small roles and are never cast in the lead. Actress Lin Laishram also mentioned that ‘when a script like comes up, from our place, it would be great to be given to somebody who is more eligible and who's close to that land, because it helps."

We admire Priyanka for her hard work and the efforts to look like Mary Kom but there is a need for the right casting to be done. Bollywood fails to cast the right people for any films because of the hierarchy in the industry.