OTT vs Theatre: who wins in this tug of war?

Do you miss standing in the queue for buying the movie tickets or to get into the theatre halls sitting right next to your loved ones, friends, or a complete stranger? Let’s just be honest here, we do miss the caramel popcorn while watching our favourite stars on the big screen, and enjoy our 2 hours break in the halls. But hey, we also got accustomed to watching our favourite series or movies sitting on our couch or lying on our bed, now. It’s more convenient and affordable and safe.


Now that the lockdown phase has extended in some places, the cinema halls are confined which is why the producers and the filmmakers are selling their projects to the online streaming platform. On one hand, the actors are supporting this decision, but on the other, they were not very sure about the OTT platforms at the initial time. Like Parineeti Chopra who thought OTT releases to be compromised release but now she believes that the people are really consuming content on OTT.


Maybe small is the new big now. What would you prefer more?