"Our Blues" teaser featuring Shin Min-ah and Lee Byung-hun hints towards a complicated relationship

The highly anticipated drama "Our Blues" has dropped another teaser featuring Shin Min-ah and Lee Byung-hun which shows a complicated between the two characters. Shin Min-a is playing the role of a woman who comes back to Jeju while keeping a secret, whereas Lee Byung-hun plays the role of a truck seller who lives in Jeju. The two meets again and seem to have a strained relationship as the subtitles read, "The person who stepped all over me and left has come back looking even more pathetic than me."

The teaser also includes some flashbacks which hint towards a prior relationship between the two which ended on a bitter note as in the present time Lee Byung-hun inquires Shin Min-ah, "Why did you do that to someone who just loved spending time with you?" This is one of the many stories that will be portrayed in this omnibus-style drama, all the stories will be set in Jeju island. It will be interesting to see how these stories unravel, as it will be a complicated narrative considering the number of characters.

Are you excited to watch this drama?