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Our ‘FEAR’ is letting these scammers take advantage of these bad times. Here’s how we can stay safe.

Researchers have noticed a spike in the no. of scammers taking advantage of people in desperate times looking for help. Last year 12 crore people were scammed in different ways. One should understand the difference between a real contact tracer or a scammer. The negative news is everywhere and it's hard to understand which one is right. Don't believe in people offering vaccinations at home because they already have your name and phone number and all they need is your Adhar Card no. further asking for an OTP. ONLY TRUST IN THESE TWO OFFICIAL SITES i.e AROGYA SETU and CO-WIN website. Book your appointments through this only and do not believe in any random Telegram group. A correct medical supplier will ask for health information first and not money or personal financial information. Never pay in advance without having any proof about the supplier. Hang up on robotic scam calls that will keep you busy with low-priced health insurance to work from home data jobs. Reject offers for vaccination and miracle treatments or cures for Covid-19 without any proof of their work. One should always do their homework when it comes to Donation. Get in deep research before helping a person with money transfers. Avoid all the random texts and messages offering help on providing oxygen cylinders or beds in return for a lot of money. Also one can confirm the lead by searching on COV.SOCIAL and type the number of the person supplying you or UPI ID to check its authenticity. 450+ scammers have been identified till now. Also, Email at lawyersagainstcovifraud@lawsikho.in to file any complains regarding any fraud.

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