The pandemic made so much money for Big Hit

Definitely, sky is the limit for Big Hit! Thanks to Big Hit's master minds that Big Hit marked 2020 as it's best financial year in the history. Though the world had stepped back for a while, Big Hit Entertainment had a constant graphical growth in all terms. The pandemic period was kind of a blessing for the company which is home to multiple boy bands including BTS, the greatest act on the planet. According to the financial report there was a 36% increase in revenue as compared to 2019, 44% and 19% in operating and net profit respectively. The year 2020 served to be the best year for the agency which witnessed the growth in album sales, soaring streams on global streaming platforms and the acquisitions of various other agencies. The unstoppable Big Hit also joined hands with Universal Music Group to extend the boundaries worldwide. Well, that's not at all surprising as we know, when it's Big Hit no one can cross their way.