Park Bo-gum in 'Reply 1988' vs Park Bo-gum in 'Record of the youth'

So Reply 1988 was my very first drama of Park Bo-gum and I have to say that I was head over heels for him. The plot which revolves around five friends living in the same neighborhood in the year 1988 wonderfully depicted friendship, family relations and ofcourse love stories and crushes. Park Bo-gum's character in particular, took over me as this unusual boy's charming smile and clumsiness in doing day to day activities, who knew nothing but to play the Go-game, melted my heart and I couldn't help myself but to watch the clips again and again. On the other hand, I was astonished to see this silly,cute boy acting all independent and bold enough to take his own decisions in 'Record Of The Youth'. The plot of this drama revolves around a rookie model who struggles to become a successful actor where he faces family pressure for his military enlistment. Park Bo-gum is indeed a wonderful actor but I would still prefer re-watching Reply 1988 again because even if it wasn't Park Bo-gum, I would've still fallen in love with the character.