Is Park Hyung-sik's "Happiness" more captivating than Yoo Ah-in's "Hellbound?"

"Happiness" and "Hellbound" are two dramas which we can currently watch and despite having an entirely different plot, share the same genre. Both are mystery-thrillers that are about survival in a dystopic world. "Hellbound" has been released entirely whereas we are getting 2 episodes of "Happiness" every week. Yet, I feel that "Happiness" will turn out to be a better drama than "Hellbound."

"Hellbound" is more experimental, yet I feel that it failed somewhere in terms of execution. It had potential which was not entirely utilized. Not that it isn't an interesting drama, but it lacked and didn't meet the expectations.

On the other hand "Happiness" is a complete package so far, from acting to execution, everything feels on point. That is the reason why I feel it has the potential to turn out to be a better drama than Yoo Ah in's "Hellbound?"

What are your thoughts? Do you agree?