Park Ji-Hoo of "All Of Us Are Dead" revealed her favorite K-Pop group and wants to work with this Actor

Park Ji-Hoo of Netflix's hit trending series "All of us are dead" is continuing to rise in popularity. The actress played one of the leads in this zombie teen flick series, where a bunch of students try to survive the zombie apocalypse. Recently, she got attention for showing admiration to EXO's D.O. also known as Doh Kyung-soo.

The actress was asked in an interview about who does she want to work with. She said, "I still think it'd be very meaningful if I could act with actor Do Kyung Soo." She also talked about his upcoming film 'Secret' and said "I recently heard that he'll be in 'Secret.' Later on, when there's a chance after I've honed my skills and grown as an actress, I would hope to act alongside him in productions like that."

This is not the first time she proved she's an EXO-L! When EXO's Suho posted a handwritten letter after returning from the military, Park Ji-Hoo liked the post. Hope the rising actress and D.O. work together soon and live a fangirl's dream!