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Pathan can be the film to beat Covid and get masses in theaters

Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, John Abraham's Pathan is one film that has been in high anticipation for a long time. The film is also set to begin its new shooting schedule post the second wave of Covid. Owing to its granduer and hype, Pathan could be the film to truly beat Covid and get masses in theaters.


The reason is pretty simple. There hasn't been a film with such a heavy build up in the last 2 years and the viewers are waiting for this with bated breath. Shah Rukh Khan has kept his fans on tenterhooks ever since Zero and they would do anything to watch their favourite star on the big screen.


Another reason why Pathan is special because it is backed by the strongest studio in the country in the looks of YRF. And while you may argue if Sidharth Anand as director is the right choice or not, he did complete justice to War in terms of executing the budget. If Pathan's screenplay is even slightly better than War, the film will sail home with flying colours.


Deepika and John as individuals carry a massive fan following and there is every chance their fans will be thrilled at the prospect of seeing them in this high voltage Spy thriller. While John as the antagonist will be super exciting to watch, we know Deepika wouldn't accept a project until her character has some meat.


With Pathan making way for a bigger spy universe, we know Salman Khan as tiger will also be making his appearance. Now we know both Shah Rukh and Salman did make appearances together in Zero and Tubelight, however, Pathan is different. Salman will play the role that he's already very comfortable with.


With less than a year to go for its release, Pathan in my opinion should be promoted as a film that has the potential to beat Covid and emerge victorious.


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