Penthouse V/s SKY Castle

SBS recently announced that their hit drama ‘The Penthouse: War In Life’ is going to be renewed for a second season which is a really rare feat in drama land but viewers and netizens were quick to point out the eerie similarities that penthouse shares with SKY castle, now if you are an avid watcher of K-dramas as you would know the SKY Castle was the most-watched drama in 2019 and also of all time till World Of Married took over its spot.

Here are some of the similarities that I noticed between both these dramas

1) They’re both set in a community of elites shrouded in mystery.

In the case of Penthouse, The residents of Hera Palace, a luxury penthouse apartment with 100 floors, have many secrets and hidden ambitions. Whereas in SKY Castle, a private luxury condo community, where wealthy doctors and professors live, who will go high and low to protect their children

2) They both have plot lines surrounding the death of one of the residents.

In SKY Castle it was Kim Bora’s death whereas in TP it was Min Seol Ah

3) Both have a set of twins. One of which is sweet and the other is not.


These were the similarities I noticed! Comment down below if you have noticed any other similarities!