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People are trolling Kareena Kapoor as being 'ineligible' to play Sita on screen because she married Saif!!

This might as well shock you but it is unfortunately true. Reports were coming in yesterday that the producers of Sita: The Incarnation(tentatively named) had approached Kareena for the titular role. She liked the role but asked for a hefty sum of Rs 12 crores as it required a commitment of close to 6 months or so which had therefore put the producers in double mind. But it was reported that the final call was yet to be taken.


The news soon hit the social media platforms and then begin the trolling. From comments that ranged from calling her a money-minded actress to slowly coming right down to questioning her religion! Here are some of the comments:


  1. They couldn’t find an actress who values the character of Sita more than the money? Shame on the producers.
  2. What a disgrace. A muslim convert like #KareenaKapoorKhan to play Sita. Embarrasment to Ramayana.
  3. We have Kareena Kapoor unapologetically naming her child after a mass murderer. Now she wants to act as Sita in a movie.
  4. Please for god sake. Its a disgrace to ramayana if she plays sita's role. To play sita one has to be a hindu to carry out that unique role. Many other talent artiste available. Y #KareenaKapoorKhan


Do you find Kareena "ineligible" for the role as well? Share your views in the comment section below.


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