"People got to know us from our music, we got our own gigs", singer Suneeta Rao.

Indie Pop singer, Suneeta Rao started her career with 1989 released Senorita. She got popularity in industry with her song "Pari hoon main" in 1991. After that she went to release albums such as Talaash(1996) and Ab ke Baras (2000).

Suneeta believes 1990 was the golden period of indie pop in a way. She adds that novelty was another factor which made the period so memorable. “People got to know us for our music, we got our own gigs. Record labels began signing us,” she recalls.

Though, the indie pop era was short-lived. She said “Like anything else in the industry, the novelty faded away after some time. We were under the condition that we’d get support for our next album only if we delivered a hit. The indie pop wave couldn’t sustain itself. It was almost like a firefly — short-lived but bright.

The visibility of indie pop artistes on screen made a difference. The substance that songs had was different back then. I was working organically. B jut in current era, songs lack longevity, because of sheer abundance and accessibility. I don’t listen to today’s music because it’s formula-driven,” she added further.

No doubt Indie Pop was having a different influence, and we surely can't compare it with today's music. That charm was totally different and beautiful.

Do you think Indie Pop Era need be refine again? Also, tell which you think is better Indie pop or present-day music?