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Performances where Jungkook made us all swoon.

International Play Boy Jungkook is a heartthrob all over the world from his fall back performances to his behavior off the stage, his actions never fail to melt Army’s hearts

Here are some moments of JK which made us all collectively swoon.

1) 2019 Lotte family concert

Jungkook didn’t hold back on his charms on this day. From his dance to his looks, his newly grown hair, and his all-black ensemble, everything about Jungkook on this day made us all swoon.

2) BBMA Fake Love

When BTS debuted fake love on the BBMA stage for the first time in 2018 fans all over the world were going wild but not just for that reason. During the performance, Jungkook lifted his shirt and also debuted his abs this made us all more than swoon most fans passed out (rightfully so).

3) KBS's Siheung Open concert 

KBS's open concert at Shiheung is not just famous for its iconic Blood Sweat and Tears performance but also because of Jungkook's expression during the entire performance. It is rumored that he had an exam the next day, and that’s why his expression was full of anger. That expression just elevated the performance 100 times more and registered it in the list of iconic performances.

Comment down which Jungkook performance did you find the best!


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