Personal Hygiene Hacks For Women

This is my go-to personal hygiene tip! I carry a little pick-me-up kit in all my purses. Inside of a makeup bag, I carry things that I might need when I’m out and about.

Here’s what I have inside it:

Pocket tissues

Feminine products

Chapstick Unscented wipes

Sanitizer Blotting sheets

Compact powder

Hand lotion

Perfume samples

Travel-sized deodorant

  1. Use Sanitizer In A Pinch 

This is a really cool hack that I learned recently. If you’re ever out and you notice that your underarms aren’t smelling very fresh, dabbing a little sanitizer (alcohol-based) will kill off the smell-causing bacteria. Of course, this isn’t recommended to do frequently. We all know alcohol isn’t great for our skin. However, it does work when you’re in a pinch. Just remember to wash it all off when you get back home.

2. Wipes In Public Restrooms 

The reason why I like carrying flushable wipes around with me is that they come in SO handy in public bathrooms. Only wiping with toilet paper is NOT enough. All that does, in my opinion, is smear things all around that area. Therefore, using wipes to clean up is something I advise every woman to do. Also, you probably know this, but wipe front to back

3. Skip Feminine Wash

Feminine washes are advertised as good for our bodies, however, they are more harmful than we may think. The general rule is to not put anything inside our area, as that may cause infections and throw off our PH balance. If you can’t stay away from feminine wash, use a natural-based feminine wash and only use them to carefully clean the outside of your area.

4. Stay Hydrated

Drinking water throughout the day not only hydrates you from the inside out but also helps to detoxify your body of harmful toxins. This is the easiest personal hygiene hack to do, but it can be a little hard to remember to drink water sometimes. What I found helped me with staying hydrated throughout the day is using a water bottle that has time markers on it. If you, too, struggle with drinking water, try one out yourself.


I guess there are harder-to-remember spots on the body like behind the ears, bellybuttons, back of the neck, and back of the thighs. If you usually shower in a rush, you might not remember these areas either. Taking your time and scrubbing everything down is going to keep you fresh and clean all over.