Phoebe, Monica, or Rachel- who has the best fashion sense?

Friends fans come right here and let us know that whose fashion game do you think is the absolute diva. Well, if you ask me the three of the characters have their own unique style and if we are talking about diva style its has to be Rachel (played by Jennifer Aniston). Phoebe (played by Lisa Kudrow) has a more boho-chic style to look into, more like a street style. While Monica (Courteney Cox) is the ultimate comfy style creator.


Rachel has been a spoiled child which is portrayed in her dressing sense as well. Fashionable skirts, dresses, joggers, and her wardrobe count goes on.


Phoebe is the different one. She likes street style more. She channels her inner boho mentality through her decking-up fashion. In the first few seasons,


Monica showed a tom-boyish nature of hers and which is why her wardrobe had too many jeans, t-shirts, baggies pants, camisoles, caps. But later we will find her in a changed version where she will look as pretty as ever in dresses.


What do you think?