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Phrases that kdramas taught us

It gives us immense pleasure, satisfaction and a sense of great achievement when we guess what are favourite oppas and eonnies are saying without reading the subtitles. Learning a new language is difficult but a k-drama acts as the best teacher as they make it easier to learn those everyday little phrases. So don’t worry even if you are a newbie, because you will slowly start speaking Korean with your family members, the more you watch these dramas. Saranghae(I love you0 is probably the first word that anyone learns. We long for the leads to say this word to each other. Sometimes we might have to hang up till the last or the second last episode for us to hear it. Kamsahamnida(thank you), Mianhae(sorry), Gwaenchanah(I am fine/are you okay?), Joahae(I like you) were some of the words I learned by myself and I am super proud of it. Also these days I use Chugulle(want to die?), Naga(get lost), Dakchyeo( shut up), and Micheoseoyo(are you crazy?) when I am angry. Molla (I don’t know), Aniyo(No) and Nae(yes) will become your favourites just after watching 2-3 dramas. The list goes on increasing as you watch over 1000 dramas so don’t worry(gokjong hajima) even a single percent! Which are some of your favourite phrases?

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