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Piku or Gunjan Saxena- Which father-daughter duo did you like the most?

Time and again Bollywood has given us gems of movies which are extremely special and unique in their own way.

These movies show us the bond between friends, lovers, siblings, and parents. One such special bond which Bollywood has shown us from time to time is the bond between a father and his daughter.

Movies like Dangal, Piku, Ek ladki ko dekha to aisa laga, Gunjan Saxena, English medium, kuch kuch hota hai are just few examples to it. Personally my top two favorites are Piku and Gunjan Saxena.

Where in Piku the daughter helps her old aged father in everyway possible to make him happy, Gunjan Saxena is quite the opposite. In Gunjan Saxena, the father is the one who helps his daughter to achieve all her dreams by hook or by crook.

Both of these movies have a really strong screenplay, storyline and characterization and to choose between the two is really tough.

So which one would you choose Piku or Gunjan Saxena?


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