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Pinch 2: Liking the new avatar of Salman Khan, giving it back to the trolls

Salman Khan is back in front of the camera but this time it is for his brother Arbaaz Khan's talk show "Pinch 2" and quite frankly I'm liking the new avatar of Salman Khan, giving it back to the trolls.

Salman has never been of the shy type when it comes to dealing with media. But on social media platforms, it is a different ball game altogether when you have basically no faces and no real identities and still you have to defend yourself no matter what or else you are bound to get trolled. But this is the first time that I'm seeing Salman Khan handling his trolls like a pro.

One person accused Salman of portraying a fake identity to which he replied,"He must've had some experience. His wife must've made a couple of good comments about me; his daughter must be love; must've cried that she wants to watch my film. I might've ignored him in one of my moods... It could be anything; his reasons are justified for him."

Another comment read, Salman is a pro at ‘dikhawa wala acting’. He replied, “Theek hai, aap bhi kar lo. Dikhawe wale acting mein bhi na ek bohot bada seena aur bohot bada gurda chahiye hota hai.

Not saying I'm a fan of Salman and his movies but I don't support trolling and hate comments and I'm truly in love with this Salman's new avatar. What about you?


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