Pitching Bollywood to make a spin-off series on SRK's Dr.Jehangir Khan!

 As the 2016 film, 'Dear Zindagi' belonged mostly to Alia Bhatt's Kaira, the scenes shared by both the actors had an ever-lasting impact & a few life lessons shared by Shahrukh Khan a.k.a Dr.Jehangir Khan are still fresh in everyone's mind!

However, with the actor only having limited screentime with so much caliber of plots to offer, here's a pitch to the makers of Dear Zindagi on choosing a subject on the life of a psychologist & how dealing with cases like these affect his own mental health as well and who better than Dr.Jehangir Khan himself to play the part.

As Shahrukh Khan is yet to make his debut on the OTT platform, an idea of different episodes dealing with different cases while also portraying the effect on his own personal life, as the character mentions his broken marriage in the film, could be the main premise of the show as well a great debut role for the actor.

Apart from that, these different cases dealt by him could be a back-story & explanation as to why does he look at the world the way he does in 'Dear Zindagi'.

Would you like to see a spin-off series on Dr.Jehangir Khan?