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PK or 3 Idiots - Which one to recommend?

Ok, so I have a friend who wants to start getting into Bollywood films, but basically she’s not Indian or Asian either (She’s European). So the thing is, she doesn’t know where to start with getting into Bollywood films. She’s heard of both these films and wants to watch them (she says she definitely wants to start with either of these two because she’s heard of the plot a bit and has heard a lot of good reviews for the films too). But there’s a problem - She doesn’t know which one to start with. So she asked me...and now I’m confused on which one she should start with as well. Personally 3 Idiots is just so iconic for me, but I loved PK too. I think if she had actually gotten into Bollywood films before maybe, than I may have told her to watch 3 idiots first, but I think it may be better to start with PK maybe?? I’m not really sure.


I was thinking maybe PK, because it’s shorter and the concepts intriguing and I just think it may be easier for someone who hasn’t seen Bollywood before to watch that, but then 3 Idiots is also such a classic too though! Like it’s also really intriguing as well. What do you think? Which films would be better to watch for someone who hasn’t seen any other Bollywood films before?


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