Plum Vitamin C 15% Serum – Does it work?

For the last 1 month, I have been using Vitamin C 15% serum by Plum Goodness. I have tried many Vitamins C but they have failed due to their texture. But I loved the texture of this Vitamin C because it is not too watery to evaporate or not too greasy that it creates a film on the skin. My skin type is oily and I don’t like that greasy film on my skin. So, it is right in between so I like its texture a lot. The serum has a fragrance-free formula and it does not have any fragrance either into the product. However, the smell of the natural ingredients is not medicinal or chemically. It smells very pleasant. 


The derivates of Vitamin C used in it is ethyl ascorbic acid which is a highly stabilized formula of Vitamin C. It is very effective on the skin and helps with collagen which helps in brightening the skin. Also, this serum is filled with hydrating ingredients, fruits extracts, and a lot of anti-oxidants which will repair the damage on the skin. These ingredients are safe for sensitive skin. Store it in a cool dry place. 


I highly recommend the Vitamin C serum by Plum.