Post-Covid 19 Pandemic: The Future Of Beauty Experiences

During the initial days of the covid 19 pandemics, the beauty industry was shocked and their sales too went down. But then many companies have also responded positively to the crisis. At the same time, they had the responsibility to do their best to survive in the market.


The contactless shopping experience is gaining momentum to fight the crisis and also for the brands to survive in the market. Phygital that combines physical + digital is a type of contactless shopping experience. This combines all the elements like contactless navigation, gesture, and voice to ease virtual try-on for the customers so that they feel safe and satisfied while purchasing.


In the post-pandemic situation, Phygital has found its place because beauty brands have already used such systems so that shoppers are not anxious about stepping out of home post quarantine period. Also, this will help the shopping experience of customers easily and safely. You can also try which shade of eyeshadow and lipstick will suit your skin tone. Now using your mobiles front camera, some applications can also pick up on the 64 facial points and map how a particular makeup look will look flattering on you. Many companies are developing the virtual shopping assistant that will help you to keep track of the new launches by a brand, live streaming sessions by an industry expert to help you to level up your makeup game and latest offers.


Makeup stores are now installing beauty tech right on their shop floor for the best shopping experience. Instore beauty tech will help you to give you a much better analysis than a beauty expert present on the floor. You can just shop with the touch-free and can find the perfect product for yourself in your budget.