Are Janhvi-Kartik, Ishaan-Ananya PR Created Couples?

I feel like I cannot keep count on how quickly the younger generation of Bollywood keeps switching their partners. First during Dhadak promotions, Janhvi-Ishaan were dating. Now they have broken up and Ishaan-Ananya started dating magically around the time of their film release. They even recently went on a sponsored Maldives trip together. During Love Aaj Kal 2 promotions, Kartik-Sara were dating. Now, they have apparently broken up and Kartik-Janhvi are dating. Like how can anyone keep track? Do they switch partners every few months or what? These fake PR relationships have got to stop, it is becoming very obvious now and the same old trick will not work every time. Instead, these young actors should focus more on perfecting their craft, and leave the PR aside.