Pratik Gandhi's Raavan Leela title got changed to Bhavai, are you convinced by the title change?

Following the release of the teaser, many people believed that the title was too contentious and that the filmmakers were disrespectful of Hindu sensitivities. People were offended, and they wondered why Bollywood filmmakers continue to make films that disrespect Hindus.


After receiving negative feedback about the title, the producers decided to modify it to Bhavai. It's a narrative that raises issues of hypocrisy and double standards in society. Pratik will play Raavan in a local Ram Leela and will be seen in the role of an actor.


In the movie, no interpretation of Ram or Ravan is shown. It isn't even mentioned in the film. As a result, the team decided that if the sensibilities of a certain segment of society are wounded, they don't mind changing the name as long as the society is satisfied. But I'm quite confident that's not the solution to the more general question. They altered the name, but will that be enough to address the problem?