Prepare yourselves because all the news you will read online for the next 3 weeks regarding Bollywood will be of Ranbir and Alia's wedding

Before lashing out at me just hear me out, do you all remember what happened when Katrina and Vicky got married? Even though they tried to keep a low profile they still somehow managed to pull a lot of attention, maybe it was their PR maybe just media attention but If you ask me there is nothing like Media Attention without PR. Virat and Anushka got married and almost no one knew and now the same goes with Alia and Ranbir, their PR is working very hard to make a lot of buzz regarding their marriage and that is why you will read about them only on the internet for the next 3 weeks at least.

I'm a huge Ranbir-Alia fan but not a fan of how they or any other Bollywood couple try to make their wedding such a bigger deal than it already is. You can see Guest Lists going around on the internet, the dates and everything. Why not keep it lowkey and just enjoy your wedding? or if you want to make it a big deal just come out and accept it? You want attention without accepting you want attention?

What's your take on this?