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Prince Harry arrives in the UK ahead of Prince Phillip's funeral after the controversial Oprah interview

We all know that the British commonwealth has moved into a 10 day mourning period over the passing of the Duke of Edinburgh on 9th April 2021. Post which many people have arrived at the Buckingham Palace as well as the Windsor Castle to pay their tributes. One speculation that was very prominent was the one that if Prince Harry would show up to the funeral or not. But we are finally hearing that Prince Harry has arrived in the UK and is currently quarantined in the Royal Facility. His wife, Meghan could not be allowed to come because of her pregnancy on medical grounds, the couple is currently pregnant with their second child so traveling under such conditions would have been very difficult for her. We have known for long that after Princess Diana passed away, Prince Phillip was both her sons talisman and also walked with them behind her coffin at her funeral. Prince Phillip was a great man who served the British Commonwealth his entire life and helped the Queen in running the monarchy quite well. After appearing on Oprah's interview, Meghan & Harry were faced with a lot of criticism and people had thought they would be boycotted by the Royal Family but the things are a little different here. What do you think? Will the queen forgive Meghan & Harry for the statements they made at the interview, tell us in the comments below!

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