Prince Phillip, the Duke of Edinburgh passes away at the age of 99

His Royal Highness, The Duke of Edinburgh passed away in Britain's Windsor Castle this morning, as reported by the Buckingham Palace. The Duke was suffering from a sever heart disease and was also admitted to the hospital a few weeks back. Later it was reported that he had come back and his health was getting better day by day. But we think the age was not on his side. He left for his heavenly abode at 99 years of age, exactly two months before his 100th Birthday. He was a great Royal Family member during his time and man of great honour and grit. He was known to be of service during the World War - II and during the crisis Britain faced during Margaret Thatcher's Prime Ministerial reign. He was a man of his words and very active in the British Monarchy during its time. We wish he rests in peace.